İlk Aşama Kelime Cümle Eğitimi 30

İlk Aşama Kelime Cümle Eğitimi 30

İlk Aşama Kelime Cümle Eğitimi 30


Word   Form Meaning     Synonym       Antonym     Other word forms Collocations/Sample sentences
                                My last period was two months ago.
      Süre,                         If I’m away from home for a period of time, I will stop
Period   Noun Nokta     Age, course               mail delivery.
      Seçmek,     Choose               You have only three options to select.
Select   Verb Ayırmak     Opt       Refuse, reject       Please select a language for the Image Viewer interface.
                                People usually become famous at the cost of their
      Mahremiyet,                         privacy.
Privacy         Confidentiality                
  Noun Gizlilik           Publicity       You must not invade the privacy of others.
      Görünüş,     Presence,               Naoto takes after his father in appearance.
Appearance   Noun Dış görünüş     Manner       Absence       His appearance and behavior made me ashamed of him.
                                Mary thinks that looks are more important than
      Kişilik,     Charm,               Yoshio resembles his mother in personality and his
Personality   Noun Şahsiyet     Identity               father in appearance.
      Ayrılmak,     Depart,       Limitation,       However, Lucy is about to leave her home.
Leave   Verb Bırakmak     Consent       Maintain       Tom will have to leave the building.
The last moment   Adv. Son an                         I didn’t say anything until the last moment.
                                John drinks too much these days. We have to stop him
      Durdurmak,                         from drinking any more.
Stop         Brake,       Go,        
  Verb Durmak     Discontinue       Move       Tom wanted to stop and think.
Cause trouble   Verb Dert açmak                         She caused a lot of trouble in my life.


            In some cases, mastectomy is prophylactic surgery – a
            the preventive measure was taken by those considered to be at high
In some cases Adv. Bazı durumlarda       risk of breast cancer.  
    Temelli olarak,       The store is closed for good. It’s been liquidated.
For good Adv. Sürekli olarak       He left Japan for good.  
    Karşı konulmaz,       The bill was approved by an overwhelming majority.
    Kahredici, Breathtaking,        
  Adj. Baskın Devastating Underwhelming   I know how overwhelming it can be.  
Cannot help              
            I can’t help looking at the girl.  
    Elinde olmamak,          
  Verb Kendini tutamamak       She can’t help shouting at people; it’s just the way she is.
            One can’t discount a global disaster like a virulent plague.
    Dünya çapında, Round, Local,   Ladies and gentlemen, please notify the people to stop
Global     contributing to global warming and use nature-friendly
Adj. Küresel Spherical Regional   equipment.  
            Africa was once called the Dark Continent.  
    Kıta,       The abolition of slavery in Europe eventually reached the
Continent Noun Anakara       American continent.  
            He had done everything to satisfy his beloved’s desires, but
            nothing worked.  
    Hoşnut etmek, Amuse,        
Satisfy Verb Tatmin etmek Appease Disappoint   He’s impossible to satisfy.  
    Etki, tesir,       Some teachers have a great effect on their students.
  Noun Etkilemek,   Ignore,      
Effect Verb Tesir etmek Influence Cause   The efforts brought about no effect.  
    Sunmak, Bid,     He was jailed for offering money to the police.  
Verb Teklif etmek Propose Refusal   Sami wanted to offer Layla a place to stay.  
            Jane is very likely to come.  
  Adj. Olası muhtemel Achievable Inapt   The basements of the houses are likely to have problems.
            Small cars are very economical because of their low fuel
    Tüketim, Consuming,     consumption.  
Consumption Noun Harcama Depletion Starvation   The doctor told Tom to reduce his red meat consumption.


    Yüzde,   Bite,         The percentage of lipids in an animal cell is about 8%.
              The percentage of carbohydrates in animal cells is
Percentage Noun Pay   Bonus Whole     approximately 6 percent.
                  Some people will gain weight, no matter how hard they try
                  to slim.
    Kilo almak,             A new-born baby will gain weight at around one-ounce per
Gain weight Verb Şişmanlamak   Put on weight Lose weight     day.
    Yerine,             I stayed at home all day instead of going to work.
Instead of Prep. -mek yerine             Instead of her, her sister went with them.
                  I will be very glad to be able to serve you.
    Hizmet vermek,   Assist, Refuse,      
Serve Verb Çalışmak   Care for Refrain     This serves to show how honest she is.
    Müsait,             The place is convenient for swimming.
    Pratik,   Acceptable,          
Convenient Adj. Uygun   Available Inconvenient     If it’s convenient, please come here tonight.
    Sağlık,             Tom is in good health.
Health Noun Sıhhat     Disease     A healthy man does not know the value of health.
                  In this way, the students of the university have the
                  opportunity to expand their horizons.
Expand   Yayılmak,   Spread,   Contract,     The fire, which has been raging for over a week in eastern
Verb Genişlemek   Unfold   Shrink     California continues to expand.
    Üzülmek,   Care,         Tom doesn’t have to worry about Mary anymore.
Worry Verb Endişelenmek   Concern Calmness     Anyway, you don’t have to worry.
    Zehirleme,             Sami killed Layla by poisoning her with antifreeze.
(Food) poisoning Noun Zehirlenme             Have you ever gotten food poisoning?
    Kaçınmak,             Today I’m working a little late so as to avoid a rush in the
Avoid Verb Sakınmak,   Abstain, Face,     morning.
Önlemek   Bypass Meet      


                Jeff and Mia are making a last-ditch effort to avoid a divorce
Calm down               I think a drink would help me calm down.  
    Durgunlaşmak, Chill out,            
  PhrV. Sakinleş(tir)mek Relax         I closed my eyes to calm down.  
                We want to cause the least possible harm.  
    Sebep olmak, Reason,            
Cause Verb Yol açmak Account         It transpired that fire was caused by a careless smoker.  
                Layla torched the house to cover her tracks.  
    Kaplamak, Canopy,   Layout,        
Cover Verb Örtmek Clothing   Unwrap     She had the book with a torn cover under her arm.  
                I’ve lost a lot of weight since I’ve been on a diet.  
    Beslenme, Dietary,   Indulge,        
Diet Noun Gıda Fast   Gorge     Most of us don’t eat a balanced diet.  
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